I became interested with the Amigurumi Art in 2013 as a hobby. This hobby for me and my family and highly acclaimed at home and abroad has become a profession. In particular, we have seen tremendous interest from abroad with our own brand Havva Designs © ‘s No. 1 in Turkey, it has moved to the top positions abroad. I have been selling ebooks belong all my designs  on this site with 5 different languages. Working with the membership system, web store with our SSL certificate to be alive any problems with shop was put into service in 2015. In addition, also continues our sales in the world’s largest Amigurumi sales platforms through their Etsy and Dawanda.

Havva ÜNLÜ

Havva Designs, Havva Ünlü

Havva ÜNLÜ

Amigurumi Designer and Site Owner

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